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Hand Stretch Wrapping Film

Here is some more information about Hand Stretch Wrapping Film

Hand Stretch Wrapping Film

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Films Available in Cast And Blown With Flush And Extended Cores.

Please email us here if you have a bulk order and we will give you the best price on UK produced Pallet Stretch Wrapping Film

A complete range of pallet wrap films for the safe wrapping of pallets and securing of loads to a pallet.

Stretch films must always be applied with the maximum amount of stretch possible. We have a selection of blown and cast films ensuring they are strong enough and versatile enough to be used in almost any situation, including cold temperature applications

Blown stretch wrap films are normaly used for heavier irregular loads and applications requiring stretch film with excellent puncture and tear resistance.

Blown film is used to provide excellent cling and load stabilisation characteristics, as a result, blown stretch films can be noisy as reels are unwound but is better in lower temperatures as it retains its cling

 • hazy, dull in appearance,
 • best cling in the cold,
 • excellent puncture resistance,
 • very noisy unwind,
 • high force on load
Cast stretch wrap is tacky on one sid eonly and great when you do not want the stretch film to stick to the product.Cast stretch wrap film is also quieter when it comes of the roll.The cast film is soft and it takes less time and effort to wrap a pallet.
 • clear and see through in appearance,
 • Stretches easily,
 • When stretched too much tearing can occur,
 • very quiet and easy unwind,
 • Likely to stick to other pallets during transit
For smaller bundles we also have our Mini Stretch Wrap films which come with tensioners and handles.The quick and easy way to stretch wrap smaller items. If you are looking for a cast film dispensing system that can be used with 1 hand then this is the best way.



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