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Turntable Pallet Wrap Machine

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Turntable Pallet Wrap Machine

Turntable Pallet Stretch And Shrink Wrapping Machines

With the option of Pre-set programmes to maintain wrapping constants these stretch wrap machines with a turntable go along way to reducing the amount of stretch wrap film used on each pallet every time a wrap is made. The turntables have a soft start and soft ramp down stop. Standard machines wrap to a max height of 2.0m and have fully adjustable film tension. Film is easily loaded and greater savings are achieved with the power pre-stretch models. The on-screen trouble shooting menu on the EP2 model helps aid reliability and improve production. All our pallet wrappers conform to the relevant UK health and safety regulations. Please contact us directly for updated prices on the cast pallet stretch wrapping film that these machines use.


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