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Shrink Wrapping Films,Lay Flat Tube And Pallet Covers

Here is some more information about Shrink Wrapping Films,Lay Flat Tube And Pallet Covers

Shrink Wrapping Films,Lay Flat Tube And Pallet Covers

PVC,Polyolefin,Polythene Shrink Wrapping Machine Films

We Will Do Our Best To Match Any Price On PVC Shrink Wrap And Polyolefin Centrefold Shrink Wrapping Films

If you do not see the Polythene,Polyolefin or PVC Shrink wrapping films you require please call sales on 01246 488 999 and we will do our best to help

We only ever use one supplier for our polythene, pvc and polyolefin shrink wrap films so this helps us guarantee the quality to our customers.We carry in stock shrink films in Polyolefin and Pvc for shrink wrapping small items and also Polythene shrink films for shrink wrapping pallets and larger items. We also have Lay flat tube for the easy and cost effective production of Polythene bags in any length.

PVC Shrink wrapping film.

We have 3 thicknesses of food approved PVC shrink wrapping film available in widths from 200mm up to 800mm,please check with us if you require any size listed. Our PVC shrink film will run on manual and semi automatic shrink wrapping machines as well as being easy to use on bar type shrink wrapping systems that us a hot air blower to shrink the film.Our PVC is ideal for wrapping Gift Hampers,Books and a vast range of other products.

Remember its free to call and inquire about its application on your packaging machinery. If your size is not listed or you require a specialised film then remember we are only a free call away. 01246 488 999

Polyolefin Shrink Films

We only ever supply top quality Darnel Polyolefin Shrink wrap film for Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic L sealers. Our Darnel Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film is available in widths from 200 mm upwards. We also have multi layer and cross linked polyolefin shrink wrap films available for the most demanding shrink wrapping applications. Polyolefin shrink film has the same mechanical breaking resistance as other much thicker competitive films. Crosslink shrink film technology provides superb strength and puncture resistance making our cross linked polyolefin ideal for irregular and sharp objects that need to be wrapped in a clear shrink wrap film

Polythene Shrink Wrapping Films

A range of polythene shrink wrapping films and covers for wrapping pallets and irregular products to a pallet for maximum stability and protection.You can protect your load from rain with heavy duty pallet top sheets, pallet covers and our heavy duty centre folded polythene rolls.All our polythene pallet covers are manufactured to the highest standards to secure and protect pallet contents in storage and also in transit. Used with our strapping and banding equipment then you can really secure and protect your palletized goods

Polythene Lay Flat Tube

We supply Lay flat tube by the roll and is available in standard or Anti-static variants.Dan Packagings layflat tube is amde from virgin material and is safe for food contact and can be easily sealed with our heat sealer's.Using our polythene tubing on a roll lets you make your own polythene bag and can be then used to fit any size or shape item you choose.

To calculate the diameter of a particular layflat tube size, multiply the width by 0.6364 (e.g. 100mm layflat tubing is 63.64mm diameter).

Why not visit us at www.danpackagingmachinery.co.uk for our latest offers on shrink wrapping machines and cardboard box shredding machines.



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