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Strapping And Banding Supplies

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Pallet Strapping And Banding Tools And Supplies

We can supply a vast range of strapping and banding equipment that we can offer, from polyprop strapping kits that have everything in that you need to strap pallets, parcels and boxes right through to friction weld strapping tools for that quick secure strapping seal. We also supply metal strapping and strapping tools by the roll that will allow you to tailor a strapping solution to your needs.

Hand applied Polypropylene Strapping (plastic strap) is ideal for securing bundles, parcels, regular pallet loads, cardboard boxes and a host of other applications. Widely used in busy packing departments, industry, transport and retail as a low cost and secure packaging option. Supplied on plastic reels and available in breaking strains from 135kg to 300kg in two widths, polypropylene strapping is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle.

Additional advantages of polypropylene strapping are that it will resist abrasion, moisture, chemicals, ageing, scuffing and will mould over edges and rough surfaces making it ideal for shipping and export packaging. Simply cut to size and secure with a combination tool and metal seals.

Extruded Polyester Strapping that will give the strength of steel but without the handling and storage issues that sometimes steel strapping can present. With the amount of strapping in stock ready for us to call off then Dan packing can be an excellent partner to fulfil your pallet strapping and parcel banding supply requirments.Extruded Polyester Strapping is also safer to use than steel strapping as it does not have sharp edges or present a whiplash hazard. And with three times more strapping per reel than steel, polyester makes a viable, great value alternative. The inherent features of polyester also provide many additional benefits over other strapping products. It is lightweight, supple, easy to handle and will not rust, scratch or stain your products. Our strapping is supplied on a 406mm diameter x 150mm wide cardboard core.

Woven Polyester Strapping is made by gluing together polyester filaments to give it extra strength. Despite its strength and high breaking strains, woven polyester strapping remains light and very easy to work with. Woven polyester strapping is very easy to use and tension and we have a full range of strapping tools and buckles to make the process even easier.

Steel strapping is great for heavy loads and ideal for building products and heavier loads etc. There are many applications that demand the properties of metal strapping and we can supply steel banding in Ribbon and Oscillation wound variants along with the stainless steel banding tools and dispensers that you need to work safely with steel strapping.Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping coils contain less metal strapping than oscillation wound and are lighter which makes them easier to handle. All our metal banding is cold rolled and comes in a painted black finish to aid against rusting. The edges of the strapping are sheared and dressed for added safety. This steel strapping has been designed with safety in mind. We can even supply our ribbon wound steel strapping boxed making it easy to store and identify


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