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Buy Polpropylene Hand Pallet Strapping 12mm And 15mm Online

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Black Pallet And Box Strapping/Banding 130kg Load Strain 12mm x 2000m
Black Pallet Strapping/Banding 200kg Load Strain 12mm x 1500m
Black Parcel And Box Strapping/Banding 245kg Load Strain 12mm x 1200m
Black Parcel And Pallet Strapping/Banding 300kg Load Strain 12mm x 1000m
Blue Strapping 270kg Break Strain 12mm x 1200m
White 12mm Box Strapping With Handle With Care In Red 200m 150Kg Load Strain
White Pallet Strapping/Banding 150kg Load Strain 12mm x 2000m
White Strap Printed Security Sealed 12mm 150kg break strain
White Strapping/ Banding 120kg Load Strain 12mm x 2000m
White Strapping/Banding 350kg Break Strain 15mm x 750m
Yellow Pallet And Box Strapping/ Banding 300kg load Strain 12mm x 1000M

Here is some more information about Polpropylene Hand Pallet Strapping 12mm And 15mm

Polpropylene Hand Pallet Strapping 12mm And 15mm

Polypropylene Pallet Strapping Banding Reels And Rolls

Polypropylene strapping is a light, flexible and non-rusting strapping tape that keeps products secure. Hand strapping is wound on plastic spools for ease of handling.

Widely used in busy packing departments, industry, transport and retail as a low cost and secure packaging option. Supplied on plastic reels and available in breaking strains from 130kg to 350kg in two widths, polypropylene strapping is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle.


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