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Here is some more information about Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping,Tools and Steel Strapping Kits

Steel strapping is great for heavy loads and ideal for building products and heavier loads etc. There are many applications that demand the properties of steel strapping and we can supply steel banding in Ribbon and Oscillation wound variants along with the steel banding tools and dispensers that you need to work safely with steel strapping. Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping coils contain less metal strap than oscillation wound and are lighter which makes them easier to handle. All our steel banding is cold rolled and comes in a painted black finish to aid against rusting.The edges of the strapping are sheared and dressed for added safety. This steel strapping has been designed with safety in mind. We can even supply our ribbon wound steel strapping boxed making it easy to store and identify.

Steel Strapping Kits our steel strapping kits contain everything you need to start using either 13mm,16mm or 19mm steel strapping.From the steel strapping dispenser to the strapping tool and seals then these steel strapping kits are the way to start.

Steel Strapping Tools we have a full range of steel strapping tools right from simple tools that require a tensioner and crimp right through to sealess steel strapping tools. We also have saftey cutters for cutting steel strapping up to 38mm wide and a range of dispensers for use with ribbon wound and also oscillated wound steel strapping.


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